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Flash Point: Detroit 1967
July 23 - September 30, 2017

To mark the 50th Anniversary of this pivotal event in Michigan history, the Lorenzo Center is partnering with the Detroit Historical Society’s D67 Project to bring the Detroit uprising of 1967 to the forefront. A display featuring photographs and quotes from the time the civil unrest occurred will be enhanced by a series of films and presentations that explore the lasting effects of this turbulent time.

Exhibit Hours:

July 23 - Sept. 1: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

Sept. 5 – Sept. 30: Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm


Exhibits are open to the public and presented free of charge. Preregistration is not required to view exhibits, except for groups of five or more, who should call 586.226.4759 to facilitate their visit.



Preregistration is requested for all presentations; please call 586.445.7348 or email to register. All presentations are free and typically last one hour.


Summer ’67: Finding the Lost

Sept. 7 (Thurs.) 12pm

Storytelling through art that combines music, historical imagery, rare photographs and original footage is the essence of Summer ’67. Directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Bruce Harper of Big City Films, Finding the Lost examines the 43 lives cut short that tragic week in July. The project uses an artistic lens to inspire reflection and understanding in current and future Detroit generations.

Also showing on Sat. Sept. 30 at 1pm.


 Through the Fire: The History Behind Detroit's 1967 Rebellion

Sept. 9 (Sat.) 1pm

Jamon Jordan, educator/historian with the Black Scroll Network History & Tours, discusses the history and root causes that led to the 1967 Rebellion, and leads a discussion on the legacy of 1967 and how that history affects the present day reality in Detroit.


Book Discussion: Hurt, Baby, Hurt

Sept. 11 (Mon.) 11am

Macomb Community College librarians Chris Schimers and Cassandra Spieles lead a discussion of a selection from the memoir “Hurt, Baby, Hurt,” an eye witness account and personal history of a key participant in the 1967 Detroit Uprising. William Walter Scott recounts his life and struggles within and against institutional racism and apartheid.

Selections can be checked out for one week from the Macomb Community College south or center campus libraries.


12th Street, Detroit, 1967: Exploring Archives with the Walter P Reuther Library

Sept. 12 (Tue.) 11am

Meghan Courtney, outreach archivist at the Reuther Library at Wayne State University presents on the Reuther’s commitment to documenting Detroit’s past. She will also share the Reuther’s recent exhibit, 12th Street, Detroit, 1967, which explores Detroit’s 1967 Civil Unrest through primary sources from the Reuther Library, exploring connections between housing, policing, and employment in the events of summer 1967 and allowing visitors to think critically.


Media Coverage of the Detroit 1967 Uprising

Sept. 13 (Wed.) 1pm

By the time Detroit’s 1967 Uprising was under control, 43 people were dead, 4,853 were arrested, 477 buildings had burned and property damage was estimated at more than $500 million. While those in the city were experiencing the destruction firsthand, the perceptions of those outside the city were shaped through media coverage. Casandra Ulbrich, Ph.D., Vice President of College Advancement & Community Relations of Macomb Community College will explore the local coverage of the Detroit Riot and how it shaped our understanding of the events.


 Detroit 67: Looking Back to Move Forward

with the Detroit Historical Society

Sept. 19 (Tues.) 11am

Kalisha Davis, Director of Community Outreach & Engagement at the Detroit Historical Society, shares their Detroit 67 project, which has garnered an unprecedented level of community-wide engagement, in an effort to look at the ways the civil unrest shaped the city and the region, and how it can drive the future.


 Detroit ’67: The Theatrical Perspective

Sept. 20 (Wed.) 7pm

The cast of the upcoming Stagecrafters Community Theatre production of Detroit ’67 by Dominique Morisseau will be rehearsing excerpts from the play, which surrounds the events of the Detroit 1967 riots and its effect on the city and race relations 50 years later.


Real to Reel: All the Way

Sept. 22 (Fri.) 1pm

Macomb Community College history professor Elton Weintz screens this 2016 HBO film based on the Tony-award winning play of the same name, which goes behind the scenes of President Lyndon B Johnson’s tumultuous first year in office. Run time: 132 mins.


Summer ’67: Finding the Lost

Sept. 30 (Sat.) 1pm

Also shown on Thurs. Sept. 7 at 12pm.


 Making Macomb: From Voyageurs to Swing Votes
February 28 - May 6, 2017


Exhibits - Exhibits are open to the public and presented free of charge. Pre-registration is not required to view exhibits, except for groups of 5 or more, who should call 586.226.4759 to facilitate their visit. Guided tours and scavenger hunts are available to visitors upon request.

Presentations – A full list of presentations will be available before each exhibit begins. The list is also on the "How to Register" page of our website, and on our calendar by clicking "Calendar" at the top of the website. Presentations are free of charge and typically last one hour. Preregistration is requested.