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The 70s: Heavy, Hip and Happenin'


February 27–May 4, 2019 

Defined by events like the Watergate scandal, the fall of Saigon and the Iran hostage crisis, the 1970s was a decade of turbulence. Social movements for women's rights and the environment were juxtaposed against disco music and sitcoms. Politics began to become divisive, technology took a giant leap forward, and we experienced a loss of innocence. Join us as we explore the rich history of the 1970s through exhibits, displays, presentations and interactive events.

Exhibit Hours: Wednesday, 10am-8pm | Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10am-4pm

Exhibits: Exhibits are open to the public and presented free of charge. Pre-registration is not required to view exhibits, except for groups of 5 or more, who should call 586.226.4759 to facilitate their visit. Guided tours and scavenger hunts are available to visitors upon request.

Presentations: FREE of charge and typically last one hour. Pre-registration is requested. Registration is Easy! 

Lorenzo Cultural Center