Registration Information

Exhibits are open to the public and presented free of charge. Preregistration is not required to view exhibits, except for groups, who should call 586.226.4759 to facilitate their visit. 

All presentations are free unless otherwise marked and typically last one hour. Preregistration is requested for all presentations. Guests can preregister in any of these ways:

  1. By calling 586.445.7348 and speaking to a staff member.
  2. By filling out a registration sheet when you visit the Lorenzo Cultural Center.
  3. By emailing with your contact information, a list of the presentations you want to attend, and the number of people attending each event.
  4. By clicking on “Calendar” in the top navigation bar of the Lorenzo Center website, finding the event you want to attend on the calendar, clicking “Register” above the photo, and then filling in your contact information.

Presentations scheduled as part the 2017 spring program series, Tall Tales and Folklore: Exploring Michigan's Traditional Stories, are now on our calendar, or a list is below. 

The Thrill of the Chill: The Importance of Reading and Writing with Jonathan Rand Mar. 2 (Thur.) 7pm 
An Afternoon of Folk Music with Michigan’s Troubadour Mar. 4 (Sat.) 1pm
Blood on the Mitten: Infamous Michigan Murders 1700-Present Mar. 8 (Wed.) 11am
Folklore of the Mining Boom: Michigan Immigrant Stories Mar. 9 (Thur.) 11am & 1pm
Pirates, Crooks and Killers: The Dark Side of Sailing the Great Lakes Mar. 10 (Fri.) 11am 
The Haunted Great Lakes Mar. 11 (Sat.) 1pm
“Celebrating Arabs” and Other Rumors and Urban Legends of Detroit Mar. 15 (Wed.) 11am
Haunted Travels of Michigan: Accounts of Hauntings and the Unexplained Mar. 16 (Thur.) 11am
Michigan Legends and Lore: Stories from Shore to Shore - FULL Mar. 17 (Fri.) 11am & 1pm
Native American Art and the American Experience Mar. 18 (Sat.) 1pm
Stories and Songs of the Michigan Lumber Camp - FULL Mar. 22 (Wed.) 11am & 1pm
Digging Underground: Removing Myths and Unveiling Untold Stories of Detroit's Underground Railroad Mar. 24 (Fri.) 11am
The Werewolves of Detroit  Mar. 25 (Sat) 1pm
Everything Happens for a Reason: The Cold Comfort of Conspiracy Theories Mar. 29 (Wed.) 11am
Windjammers: Songs of the Great Lakes Sailors Mar. 30 (Thur.) 7pm
The Gales of November: Disaster on the Great Lakes Mar. 31 (Fri.) 11am
Folklore and Legend in the Ethnic Layers of Detroit (A Digital Storytelling Project) Mar. 31 (Fri.) 1pm
Sand Dunes, Sawdust and Shipwrecks: Stories from the Sunset Shore Apr. 1 (Sat.) 1pm
Paul Bunyan: Not A Myth, But, A Real Lumberjack After All Apr. 5 (Wed.) 11am
Children’s Story Time Apr. 6 (Thur.) 2pm
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf: Tales from France and Franco-Michigan Apr. 7 (Fri.) 11am
The Ghost of Michigan’s Past:  Stories, Songs and Dances from the Great Lakes Apr. 8 (Sat.) 1pm
I Heard You Paint Houses Apr. 20 (Thur.) 7pm
More Than A Story: The Oral Traditions of Michigan's Anishnaabek  Apr. 21 (Fri.) 11am
Storytelling – Not Just for Kids! Apr. 22 (Sat.) 1pm
Book Discussion: Michigan Legends: Folktales and Lore from the Great Lakes State Apr. 27 (Thur.) 11am
The Search for Le Griffon Apr. 28 (Fri.) 11am
The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigations Apr. 28 (Fri.) 1pm
The Sun-Catcher: An Ojibwa Solar Myth Apr. 29 (Sat.) 1pm
Astonishing Michigan May 4 (Thur.) 7pm
Lomax Goes North: The Folk Songs and Stories of Michigan May 5 (Fri.) 11am


If you have questions, please call the Lorenzo Center at 586.445.7348.