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Fall 2013

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Detroit's Boom Decade - Feb. 22 (Sat.) 1pm
We Have Decided We Are Not Going to Run - Feb. 23 (Sun.) 2pm
Michigan Women of the 1920s - Feb. 26 (Wed.) 11am
Real to Reel Film Series: Scarface - Feb. 27 (Thur.) 1pm
The Prosperity Decade: Consumerism, Credit and Advertising - Feb. 28 (Fri.) 11am
The Great Gatsby - Feb. 28 (Fri) 1pm
The Silent Syndicate: The History of the Mafia in Detroit - Mar. 1 (Sat.) 1pm
Nash Motors and the Hudson Motor Car Company in the Roaring Twenties - Mar. 2 (Sun.) 2pm
Meadow Brook Hall: The Great Estate - Mar. 5 (Wed.) 11am
The Early Days of Radio in Michigan - Mar. 6 (Thur.) 11am
The Golden Age of Fly Fishing in Michigan - Mar. 7 (Fri.) 11am
Art Deco in Detroit - Mar. 8 (Sat.) 1pm
The Golden Age of Public Transportation in Detroit - Mar. 9 (Sun.) 2pm
Prohibition in Detroit - Mar. 12 (Wed.) 11am
Big Band Beginnings: Popular Dance Music of the 1920s - Mar. 15 (Sat.)1pm
The Flapper, The Feminist, The New (and True) Woman - Mar. 16 (Sun.) 2pm
Art Deco: Art and Architecture - Mar. 19 (Wed.) 11am
Boom Town: Detroit in the Roaring Twenties - Mar. 20 (Thur.) 11am
F. Scott Fitzgerald: His Life and Craft - Mar. 26 (Wed.) 11am
From the 1600s, to the 1920s, to Today: An Artistic Collaboration - Mar. 28 (Fri.) 11am
Music of the Jazz Age - Mar. 29 (Sat.) 1pm
Puttin' on the Ritz: Fashion in the Jazz Age - Mar. 30 (Sun.) 2pm
Downtown Detroit Retailing in the 1920s and Beyond - Apr. 2 (Wed.) 11am
Real to Reel Film Series: Wings - Apr. 3 (Thur.) 1pm
Detroit's Infamous Purple Gang - Apr. 4 (Fri.) 11am
Albert Kahn's Architectural Legacy: The Ubiquitous Mr. Kahn - Apr. 5 (Sat.) 1pm
1920: The Year of Six Presidents - Apr. 6 (Sun.) 2pm
The Great Inflation in Germany - Apr. 10 (Thur.) 12pm
Tiger Hitters Roar in the 1920s - Apr. 11 (Fri.) 11am
The KKK in Michigan in the 1920s: An Overview - Apr. 12 (Sat.) 1pm
The Making of Black Detroit in the Age of Henry Ford - Apr. 23 (Wed.) 11am
The U.S. Economy in the Late 1920s - Apr. 24 (Thur.) 11am
Splish, Splash, Boom: The Early History of Radio Theatre - Apr. 25 (Fri.) 11am
Splish, Splash, Boom: The Early History of Radio Theatre - Apr. 25 (Fri.) 1pm
Prohibition: How Did THAT Happen? - Apr. 26 (Sat.) 1pm
Jazz and Blues in Detroit in the 1920s - Apr. 27 (Sun.) 2pm
Black Resorts in Michigan During the "Nervous Generation" - Apr. 30 (Wed.) 11am
Real to Reel Film Series: M - May 1 (Thur.) 2pm
Rainbow's End: The Crash of 1929 - May 3 (Sat.) 1pm
Idols of Modernity: Movie Stars of the 1920s - May 4 (Sun.) 2pm