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How Kindergarten Changed the World – Cancelled

March 19, 2020 | 11:00 - 12:00 PM

Culture and Kindergarten

The son of an early childhood teacher and a toymaker, Scott Bultman studied film at the University of Michigan before taking over the family business (Uncle Goose Toys) in 1992. Introduced to the Froebel Kindergarten toys in 1996, his 23 years of research has built a large archive and a unique perspective on education. In this presentation, he discusses kindergarten’s cultural impact that allowed the U.S. to rapidly shift from agricultural economy to industrial super power. The Froebel Kindergarten helped create the sandbox, the song “Happy Birthday,” launch the careers of Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller and Charles Eames, and inspired the modern art movement through the Bauhaus. But today we’ve moved away from creative, child-centered education at precisely the time when a new economic cycle has begun again. Material from Bultman’s upcoming documentary series Garden of Children will be included in the presentation.

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Lorenzo Cultural Center