Program Series

Tall Tales and Folklore: Exploring Michigan's Traditional Stories

March 1 - May 6, 2017

Michigan folklore is rich and creative. It includes characters like Paul Bunyan, mysteries like Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance, and a legacy of folksongs. The Lorenzo Cultural Center’s exhibit examines the stories and traditional lore that help shape Michigan’s rich culture. Included will be a traveling exhibit from Michigan State University Museum and artifacts from local museums and collectors, along with displays, speakers, and performers that will teach visitors about our state’s cultural history and how it relates to our daily lives. CLICK HERE for a print friendly copy of our brochure.

Exhibits - Exhibits are open to the public and presented free of charge. Pre-registration is not required to view exhibits, except for groups of 5 or more, who should call 586.226.4759 to facilitate their visit. Guided tours and scavenger hunts are available to visitors upon request.

Presentations – A full list of presentations is available in a print friendly version here. The list is also on the "How to Register" page of our website, and on our calendar by clicking "Calendar" at the top of the website. Presentations are free of charge and typically last one hour. Preregistration is requested. 


Art Competition

Artists ages 18 and older were invited to submit an original entry to “Tall Tales and Folklore: Exploring Michigan’s Traditional Stories.” Entries draw on a Michigan story for inspiration. Prizes were sponsored by the Macomb Community College Foundation.


Artist                     Title of Piece

Laura Cavanaugh    How the Rainbow Was Made
Gregorio Evanzia     A Mother Mourns Her Lost Children - Sleeping Bear Dunes
Jessica Gawinski      Paul Bunyan *First Prize*
Jennifer Glance       What Remains
Alex Gilford             Legend of the Lake Whitefish & Legend of the Lake Whitefish (Grandfather Crane)
Sarah Herch            Elmwood
Sarah Herch            Knock-knock
Sarah Herch            Tanglewood Drive
Mary Marinelli          Tommy's Haunted Bar & Grill
Gloria Stephens       The Victorian Boy
Darleen Urbanek     The Tale of Sleeping Bear Dunes *Second Prize*
Camille Vitale          The Legend of Sleeping Bear Dunes
Camille Vitale          Paulding Light U.P. Mystery and Ghost Story
Camille Vitale          Wendigo Native American Legend *Third Prize*