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Upcoming Events

  • Music of the '70s Oct 02, 2023

    '70s music became an all-out revolution, bridging the hippie lifestyle of the '60s with the yuppie lifestyle of the '80s. View More

  • The Detroit Opera House at 100 Oct 02, 2023

    A lively retrospective covering the past 100 years of this former movie palace, known today as The Detroit Opera House, will be presented. View More

  • Estates: What You Need to Know and What to Do Next Oct 03, 2023

    Answers to your estate sale questions! Their presentation will include displays of many interesting estate sale items. View More

  • The Most Influential Electronic Inventions in the 1970s and Their Impact Today Oct 03, 2023

    Take a nostalgic trip back in time to the 1970s to look at the most influential electronic inventions of that decade and their amazing forms today. View More

  • Metro Detroit Art Deco Oct 04, 2023

    This program will show you where—and how—to look for a surprising number of highly regarded examples of Art Deco architecture and objects throughout the Detroit area. View More

  • Don’t Get Emotional Oct 04, 2023

    Emotions play a vital role in both our professional and personal lives. In this workshop, Dr. Schwartz will show why emotions are important, how to recognize and control your emotions, and how to benefit from them. View More

  • Digital Downloads from Your Public Library Oct 05, 2023

    Did you know you can borrow eBooks, listen to audiobooks, and stream music, movies, and TV shows through the library, all from the comfort of home? View More

  • Meditation for Spiritual Awareness Part I Oct 05, 2023

    This presentation covers the benefits of meditation, techniques, how to develop a habit for meditating, and additional topics including developing focus and stilling the mind. View More

  • Paul the Maverick Oct 09, 2023

    If you want something that is both thoughtful and pastoral, if you want to know the big picture, then Paul is the author you need to read, for he is the one who combines pastoral insights with profound theological reflection. View More

  • Recycling –Toss or Turn? Oct 09, 2023

    You asked for it – a practical course on home recycling! Come out for a riveting educational presentation. View More

  • Paul the Theologian Oct 10, 2023

    No follower of Jesus shaped the early Christian movement as much as Paul did. "Paul the Theologian" will be a "deep dive" into some of Paul's key theological passages dealing with love, law, grace, sin, citizenship, resurrection and spirit. View More

  • Scam Prevention Oct 10, 2023

    Prosecutor Lucido will conduct a safety-focused discussion on scam prevention using examples of current scams, and what to do if you or a loved one become the victim of a SCAM. View More

  • Climate Change and You Part I Oct 11, 2023

    The presentation of "Climate Change and You", Parts I & II, will attempt to clarify the basic concepts of climate change while offering solutions. View More

  • Meditation for Spiritual Awareness Part II Oct 11, 2023

    This second class in a two-part series includes the benefits of meditation, meditation techniques, and how to develop a habit for meditating. View More

  • It All Began with a Glint and a Glimmer Oct 13, 2023

    Follow the GOLD FEVER journey with one particular fortune seeker, Joshua Van Hoosen, from nearby Stony Creek. View More

  • Auto Detailing / Beginning Automotive Photography Oct 13, 2023

    This auto detailing course will provide insights useful for do-it-yourselfers and illustrate professional services available. The automotive photography presentation will include composition, lighting, and other considerations for producing better images of autos. View More

  • Madame Butterfly Oct 15, 2023

    Experience the music you know and love in a production that re-imagines the opera's events through the fantasy of a modern-day Pinkerton. View More

  • Climate Change and You Part II Oct 16, 2023

    This presentation continues to clarify the basic concepts of climate change while offering solutions on a personal, city, state, national, and global basis. It is the second of two courses. View More

  • Your Role in the Protection of Nature Oct 16, 2023

    Learn how you can make a meaningful difference in the health of our local environment and feel like a good steward too. View More

  • Theology – Panel Discussion Oct 17, 2023

    Two highly respected MORE presenters will discuss various perspectives on their respective theologies: Christian and Muslim. View More

  • Don't Put It Off Oct 17, 2023

    Why do people continue to postpone doing what must be done? And how can this habit be broken? View More

  • Home Food Preservation Basics Oct 18, 2023

    Join this MSU Extension Food Safety Educator to learn the latest methods and research for preserving foods at home. View More

  • Specialty Auto Appraisals "What You Need to Know" Oct 18, 2023

    "Top Hat John" is a leading expert in the field of auto appraisals and will provide "what you need to know" regarding the fine points of evaluating and appraising a vehicle of interest. View More

  • Real to Reel – Rojo Amanecer (Red Dawn) Oct 24, 2023

    The film depicts one of the most tragic events of recent Mexican history: The Tlatelolco Massacre of October 2, 1968. What started as a small student revolt days before the Olympic games, turned into a major political turmoil in which the army brutally put down the protesters by killing hundreds of people. View More

  • Altar-Building Workshop Oct 26, 2023

    The tradition of altar-making (or Ofrenda) to honor deceased relatives or friends includes colorful displays of flowers, candles and other objects, as well as meaningful items that are significant to the connection with your special person. View More

  • Ask the Pro About Medicare Oct 30, 2023

    Local Medicare advisor Adam Simon will help you learn and understand each part of Original Medicare. Get all your questions answered before the annual enrollment period begins! View More

  • Unleashing ChatGPT's Brilliance for Retirees Oct 30, 2023

    Experience mind-stimulating conversations, personalized assistance, and endless entertainment that is in the potential for artificial intelligence. View More

  • Tricks and Treats in Art Oct 31, 2023

    Tricks and treats are part of the fun of Halloween and of this presentation. Prepare to be terrified! View More

  • The American Army in Normandy: From Omaha Beach to the Falaise Gap Oct 31, 2023

    The focus of this presentation will be on the American experience rather than on the equally important role played by the British and Canadians. View More

  • Understanding Our Nearest Star and Our Place in the Universe Nov 01, 2023

    The sun is going through its 11-year cycle and will soon enter Solar Max when the sun reaches its most active stage. There will also be an update of future manned and unmanned missions to the moon and beyond, along with planet discoveries around other stars. View More

  • Día de los Muertos: A History of The Day of The Dead Presentation Nov 01, 2023

    This presentation takes a detailed look back, from the origins of Day of the Dead to the modern-day celebration. View More

  • The Great Lakes Hurricane of 1913 Nov 02, 2023

    We'll delve into the history of this oft-forgotten once-in-a-lifetime tempest and learn how it impacted Michigan and the nation. View More

  • Celebrating Day of the Dead Nov 02, 2023

    This presentation touches on the elements and details one can expect to see and experience on Day of the Dead Celebrations. View More

  • Common Senior Scams Nov 02, 2023

    This presentation will include common scams that often affect senior citizens as well as some tips and tricks on how to avoid them. View More

  • Detroit Institute of Arts Ofrendas Field Trip Nov 03, 2023

    The eleventh installment of "Ofrendas: Celebrating el Día de Muertos" features 14 ofrendas, or offerings, by local artists and community members. The annual exhibition, designed to familiarize visitors with ofrendas and the Mexican traditions of the Day of the Dead. View More

  • Enhancing the Senior Lifestyle Nov 03, 2023

    This class will focus on the importance of developing and maintaining a quality relationship with a health care professional—your doctor. The class will also focus on what individuals can do to maintain positive health habits. View More

  • What Should I Know About Probate Court? Nov 03, 2023

    This class is an ongoing introduction to how the Probate Court process works, covering estates, guardianships and conservatorships. View More

  • Death, Dying and The Afterlife in Mexican Literature Nov 04, 2023

    Dr. Ramos, will discuss how the texts and novels of three of the most important Mexican authors – Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes and Juan Rulfo – incorporate, play, and reflect on the significance of death. View More

  • The Edsel: Why It was Necessary, and Why It Failed Nov 06, 2023

    The Edsel was a revolutionary approach to solving an intractable business problem at Ford. This course will trace the roots of this problem, and alternatives for solving it. View More

  • The Life of Henry Ford II Nov 06, 2023

    Ford was a very colorful figure who served effectively at the top of the company founded by his namesake grandfather. View More

  • The Martian (Movie) Nov 07, 2023

    Please join us as we view the movie, The Martian, in the morning and then spend the afternoon together discussing various aspects of the movie. View More

  • The Martian (Movie) Nov 07, 2023

    Please join us as we view the movie, The Martian, in the morning and then spend the afternoon together discussing various aspects of the movie. View More

  • Lake St. Clair – Ours to Protect Nov 08, 2023

    This program will focus on Macomb County's underground infrastructure and the movement of water. View More

  • Radio Station CKLW – The Big 8 Nov 08, 2023

    This class is on the history of CKLW radio and TV stations with a focus on the late 1960s and 1970s—the era of CKLW AM known as the Glory Years! Many attendees will remember listening to CKLW during this time. View More

  • Buzz, Hum and Hover: Why We Need Insects Nov 09, 2023

    Learn interesting facts about these fascinating creatures and how biodiversity depends upon them. View More

  • Hamtramck Through the Years Nov 10, 2023

    This program explores in great detail what life was like for immigrants at various key points of history from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries. View More

  • A Historical Profile of Wooden Sailing Ships: Egyptian Period to the Age of Steam Nov 10, 2023

    This class will focus on historical wooden sailing ship types and basic design characteristics, voyages and adventures, ship-building, and typical life aboard various sailing ships. View More

  • Packard Proving Grounds: The People and Its Purpose Nov 13, 2023

    Please join us as Kim Parr, collections curator for the Packard Proving Grounds, tells the story of the family and people who lived and worked upon the grounds. View More

  • Escape to Freedom Nov 13, 2023

    Judy will tell the story of her mother's escape from Germany during the Holocaust and her encounter with the Gestapo. View More

  • Minoru Yamasaki: An Architect's Life and Work Nov 14, 2023

    Minoru Yamasaki, Detroit's best-known midcentury architect, left his mark all over Metro Detroit as well as around the country. This course explores his childhood and education, the early days of his career, how he came to Detroit and established his own firm. View More

  • Helping Birds Through Winter Nov 14, 2023

    Let's discuss bird survival skills, impacts to their environment, and how our choices in planting trees, shrubs and flowers can make a difference. View More

  • James Oliver Curwood: Action Adventure Author from Owosso Nov 15, 2023

    We'll begin with a dramatic reading of a Curwood story, then discuss the story. We'll continue by learning more about his life and continuing legacy in Owosso, Michigan and beyond. View More

  • Experiences of a Secret Service Agent in Protection of JFK in 1963 Nov 15, 2023

    Former U.S. Secret Service Agent Rad Jones will discuss his experiences while serving as a member of the Secret Service White House detail in the summer and fall of 1963 protecting President Kennedy. View More

  • Michigan During the Great Depression Nov 16, 2023

    Michigan was uniquely singled out. How did families survive during these most difficult times? Could similar problems plague our state today? View More

  • One Man's Quest to See the Entire World Nov 16, 2023

    Rufus will tell the story and background of how he came to visit every country in the world. He will share stories, adventures and misadventures. View More

  • The Psychology of Happiness, Well-Being and Gratitude Nov 17, 2023

    Come learn and explore what the science can tell us about satisfaction, what gives life meaning, and how to incorporate the ideas into our lives. View More

  • MORE Focus Group Nov 17, 2023

    MORE attendees may select the Learning Lab focus group as an extra "class" for no charge on a first come, first served basis. Focus groups are very important sources of MORE attendee feedback on a wide variety of program aspects. View More

  • Real to Reel – Thirteen Days Nov 21, 2023

    Thirteen Days is based on the 1997 book, The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis, by Ernest R. May and Philip D. Zelikow. In October of 1962, for thirteen extraordinary days, the world stood on the brink of an unthinkable catastrophe. View More

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