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Upcoming Events

  • Celebrating a Michigan Tradition 2/24/21 - 1:00 PM

    To the people in the Upper Peninsula, the pastie is much more than food, it is an identifying cultural mark that gives the Yooper's their own identity. View More

  • Cherry Republic 2/26/21 - 4:00 PM

    Cherry Republic - history and importance of cherries in Michigan. View More

  • Faygo 3/5/21 - 4:00 PM

    The story of a pop, a people, and a place. View More

  • Freshwater Feasts 3/10/21 - 1:00 PM

    What's the catch in our Great Lakes. View More

  • Tasty Squares: Buddy's Pizza 3/12/21 - 4:00 PM

    Since 1946...Where Detroit-style pizza was born! View More

  • Detroit's Delectable Past 3/17/21 - 1:00 PM

    Join local food aficionado Bill Loomis on a look at everyday meals that defined eating in Detroit. View More

  • Bell's Beer Then and Now 3/19/21 - 4:00 PM

    For the first time since Prohibition, beer is being brewed legally and commercially in Kalamazoo View More

  • Generations of Michigan Foods 3/26/21 - 4:00 PM

    Experience the commitment and values instilled on the farm over the last 200 plus years. View More

  • Better Made in Michigan 3/31/21 - 1:00 PM

    An adventure in flavor 90 year's in the making! View More

  • Make it Italian with Vince and Joe's Gourmet Market 4/9/21 - 4:00 PM

    Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market is a family-owned business started in November of 1983 by Vince, Domenica, Joe and Maria Vitale. View More

  • The Chicken Story of Zehnder's 4/14/21 - 1:00 PM

    Hospitality abounds with traditional family style chicken dinners and tantalizing breads and pastries in the world-famous Zehnder's of Frankenmuth Restaurant. View More

  • St. Julian Winery 4/16/21 - 4:00 PM

    Producing world-class wine from the Lake Michigan Shore for almost 100 years. View More

  • The Resilience of Eastern Market 4/21/21 - 1:00 PM

    These markets consistently draw guests from Detroit, its surrounding cities, and all over the world. View More

  • Coney Detroit with author Joe Grimm 4/23/21 - 4:00 PM

    Learn how Detroit and Michigan became the capital of a Coney Nation. View More

  • The Kellogg's 4/28/21 - 1:00 PM

    The Kellogg's are best known for the invention of the famous breakfast cereal corn flakes. View More

  • Your Cultural Connection 6/30/21 - 12:00 AM

    From virtual tours, science projects, online collections to activities for kids. Discover with our program partners and more! View More

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