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Let's Play! Toys, Games and Culture

February 25—May 2, 2020

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Have you ever wondered how the game Monopoly got started? Or when the first Barbie was made? Was your favorite childhood toy a popular sensation? Are you aware there is a link between gaming and cognitive skills? Designed to be both a walk down memory lane and a critical look at how toys and games influence our culture and society, this exhibit features displays, artifacts, information and ideas that give a nod to our past and a look to the future.

Exhibit Hours: Tuesday 10am–4pm | Wednesday, 10am–8pm | Thursday–Saturday, 10am–4pm

All events are free and open to the public, but preregistration is required.

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♦ Thursday, February 27 • 11am
   Backgammon: A Brief History and How to Play
♦ Saturday, February 29 • 11am (registration begins at 10:30am)
   Introduction to Magic: The Gathering
♦Thursday, March 5 • 11am
   The Immortal Game
♦ Saturday, March 7 • 12–3pm
   Play Day with the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum 
♦ Wednesday, March 11 • 6pm
   Toy Story
♦ Thursday, March 12 • 11am
   Toy Trains and Play in the Industrial Age
♦ Thursday, March 12 • 1pm
   Little Armies: A History of Toy Soldiers and Miniature Civilian Figures
♦ Friday, March 13 • 11am
   The Genius of LEGO: How LEGO Became the World’s Greatest Building Toy
♦ Saturday, March 14 • 2pm
   A Brief History of Video Games: Their Art, Technology, and Culture
♦ Wednesday, March 18 • 6pm
♦ Thursday March 19 • 11am
   How Kindergarten Changed the World
♦ Friday, March 20 • 11am
   Families at Play: How Video Games Bring People Together
♦ Saturday, March 21 • 11am
   Yo-yo Tricks
♦ Saturday, March 21 • 2pm
   The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury and Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game
♦ Wednesday, March 25 • 11am
   Playing with History: Songs and Creative Movement for Children
♦ Friday, March 27 • 11am
   Toying with Science 
♦ Saturday, March 28 • 2pm
   Seize the Play: How Play Powers Performance
♦ Wednesday, April 1 • 6pm
   Toy Story 2 
♦Thursday, April 2 • 11am
   Post World War II Scale Modeling, the Military Industrial Complex in Miniature
♦ Saturday, April 4 • 10am–4pm
   Cube Day Macomb
♦ Wednesday, April 15 • 1pm
   Dressing Barbie: A Celebration of the Clothes that Made America’s Favorite Doll and the Woman Behind Them
♦ Thursday, April 16 • 11am
   Back to the Future: Toy Design from Then to Now
♦ Thursday, April 16 • 1pm
   9 Wonder Women of Toys
♦ Friday, April 17 • 11am
   The Face on the Lunch Box: 100 Years of Character Products
♦ Friday, April 17 • 1pm
   Plastics and Progress: Baby Boom Toys
♦ Saturday, April 18 • 12–3pm
   Play Day with the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum
♦ Thursday, April 23 • 11am
   What Makes a Toy and Why is it Important? 
♦ Thursday, April 23 • 1pm
   Esports in Intercollegiate Athletics  
♦ Wednesday, April 29 • 6pm
   Toy Story 3
♦ Thursday, April 30 • 11am
   Pioneer Playtime 
♦ Friday, May 1 • 11am
   Soldiers at Play

Lorenzo Cultural Center